History and Theories Surrounding the Origin of the Presa Canario

bobyBy Manuel Martin Betherncourt

In his book "Historia General Sobre Las Islas Canarias" (General History of The Canary Islands) historian Augustin Miralles Torres comments that the islands took their name from the big dogs that were found of them, it and of two of those animals taken to the king of Mauritania in the times of the expedition of Juba.


Φρουρός με καρδιά ... «διαμάντι» (greek)

Cape-Fear-May-12H αυστηρή και μερικές φορές άγρια όψη ενός Dogo Canario δεν είναι παρά το περιτύλιγμα ενός σκύλου-προστάτη με «καρδιά μικρού παιδιού» που δε ντρέπεται να κρύψει την αγάπη του.