Welcome to Cape Fear

about1My name is Nikolas Rousidis and I live in a suburb of Athens, Greece.

Stemming from the love I have for the breeds Dogo Canario and French Bulldog, I set up my kennel Cape Fear in 2000 as I was keenly interested in breeding healthy dogs which are in accordance to the official standard of their breed.

It all started ten years ago when I participated in a dog show with my first dog. There I saw for the first time in my life the Dogo Canario and I was impressed by its statuesque and noble posture.

One year later I was very lucky to acquire my first bitch, Morgana at Cape Fear, a wonderful representative of her breed with excellent progeny and who was the foundation of my breeding program.

She became a symbol in Greece as she was the first Dogo Canario to acquire the title of Greek Champion.

about2It came to pass while searching to find a puppy for a friend that I discovered my other favourite breed, the French Bulldog.

Two very different breeds in appearance but who share certain common characteristics as both fall under the category "bull". I imported two dogs taking care to select bloodlinew having the best qualities.

Finally I would like to thank my family and my friends who not only put up with my passion but are of great assistance to me.

A special thanks to my mother Rodanthi who shares my anxiety at the dog shows and stays up at nights at my side whenever there is a litter being born.



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